Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Animation and Simulations

Hi all,

These are web animated or real life curriculum based lessons that are developed to help, engage and educate students by using interactive strategies.
The advantages of using Animations and Simulations are:

· They engage and challenge students with complex topics using easy to understand methods
· Accessible anywhere/anytime
· Can be used in groups or one on one
· Highly interactive
· Useful when limited physical resources are available
· Covers diverse student learning styles
· Able to link to other teaching tools (e.g., Interactive whiteboards & projectors)
(BrainPOP, 2009).

I took part in an animated (Science-human body) interactive learning class on the makeup of the human body. This online class consisted of many interactive tools which incorporates prior knowledge with new knowledge. Marzano and Pickering (2006) point out the importance of creating opportunities for students to work out new information from prior knowledge. From this students will learn new knowledge and deepen learning of prior knowledge.

I would like to share with you a great educational animation website called (BrainPOP).
Thank you for listening.
Jim Price

BrainPOP. (2009). BrainPOP educators: Tips, tools & resources. Retrieved August 12, 2009, from

Marzano, R, J., & Pickering, D, J. (2006). Dimensions of learning: Teacher’s manual. Heatherton, Vic, Australia: Hawker Brownlow Education.

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