Monday, August 10, 2009

Interacting with SlideShare

Without doubt one of the most useful and engaging technology tools I have experienced during this course. Even though I had some minor difficulties during the process of creating and sharing my online presentation, I enjoyed the learning experience.
A basic overview of SlideShare is:

· A website where anyone is able to retrieve a variety of posted presentations.
· A free site for anyone to upload their own presentation (PowerPoint).
· A site where you can synchronise mp3 files with your presentations.
· Community based site you can share with groups, friends and family.

Uploading my PowerPoint to this site was hassle free with easy to follow instructions. I had a few troubles calibrating my microphone, however with a few helpful tips from friends via Skype I was up and running. Having some past experience with video editing I found synchronising the presentation with my mp3 audio fairly simple.

How SlideShare could be used in education:
· Presentations could be embedded into student blogs to clarify and demonstrate what topic will be learnt in class for the week.
· As a resource tool for class topics.
· Sharing class presentations to other students worldwide.
· Opportunity to improve IT skills

SlideShare would contribute greatly to learning outcomes in students, through interaction with what they are learning. Oliver et al. and Salmon (1998, 200, cited in Brown & Drinkwater, 2001) point out, learning outcomes are improved through interaction with well used WWW learning tools.

Sims and Biggs (1999, cited in Brown & Drinkwater, 2001) also point out, that students are more likely to have positive learning outcomes if they engage and interact, rather than students passively receiving information.
I will be using this tool in my future classes.

Thanks for listening.
Jim Price

Brown, A. & Drinkwater, D. (2001). Encouraging active learning with more interactive WWW designs. Retrieved August 11, 2009, from


  1. Hi Jim,
    Yes, I agree. Definitely the most impressive electronic tool I have used in this course-ware. Too bad the audio takes so much time to load. I think it could also be an excellent tool for students' reflections, perhaps on a group science project where photos were taken throughout the project. Or even indiidually...

  2. Hi Jim,
    Your presentation looks great, it is clear that you have mastered your way around this learning tool. I had a few troubles with uploading and using audio with mine but you have inspired me to keep persisting.
    Great work do you have any inspirational ideas how to incorporate this tool for children in prep?