Thursday, August 13, 2009

TeacherTube & YouTube

Hi all,

TeacherTube is an educational video share website. It focuses on providing safe instructional videos for educators to use and share with students to provide better learning outcomes (TeacherTube, 2009).

YouTube is also a video sharing website with educational and instructional videos useful to students. However, YouTube’s has less restrictions of what can be uploaded by others. Before using YouTube for educational purposes, clips need to be scanned for inappropriate material.

This week my year nine class is working on kitchen safety.This lesson involves a lot of does and don’ts on kitchen safety instructions from a text book and class demonstrations. My thoughts were to demonstrate fire safety instruction in a safe but more dramatic manor to catch the student’s attention and keep them focused on the task.

To cover different styles of learning in students, I have included visual material to support text readings. This is consistent with the findings of Loo (2004, as cited in McInerney & McInerney, 2006) who states that, all educators need to adjust teaching and learning approaches to account for possible preferences in learners.

I plan on doing this by finding a balance between important text book theory and instructional video from TeacherTube and YouTube. (Below is a clip I have chosen from TeacherTube).

Kearsley and Shneiderman’s (1999, p.1) states, “By engaged learning, we mean that all student activities involve active cognitive processes such as creating, problem-solving, reasoning, decision-making, and evaluation”.

In conclusion I believe if these video sharing websites are used wisely by educators they can be a powerful and productive learning tool.

Thank you.

Jim Price

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  1. Hi Jim,
    I like your idea of bringing balance into it. What the textbook has to say is normally important information for learners to know, but by using this TeacherTube clip you appeal to learners in a way that is more appropriate to their lives. It is good for learners to know that textbook knowledge is important but learning can also be a bit fun and engaging if you have the opportunity to use such technology. Things can tend to get a little lopsided in classroom, either one way or the other - knowledge without fun, or fun wothout knowledge. It is good to see you considering both.