Sunday, August 9, 2009


I had a few difficulties setting up my Mahara account. However, with a few tips from my fellow students I was on my way to establishing my first e.Portfolio.
I must admit at first I found it a little difficult navigating my way around this site. However, within an hour I was able to create my view, add friends and start building a file system for educational folders. I began to appreciate the advantages of having an e.Portfolio.
These advantages are:
· Establishing groups and collaborating
· Storing and building on educational documents
· Social networking with colleagues
· Easy access to all your information in one place
· The ability to access your e.Portfolio anywhere

These are the obvious advantages I have noticed in my brief experience with Mahara. However, I am keen to explore (and add to) my e.Portfolio to obtain the full potential from this tool.
Other advantages of e.Portfolios are pointed out in a QUT paper by Emmet (2003):

· Greater interaction with other students and teachers
· Creates a sense of responsibility towards a student’s own learning
· Improve IT skills

DiBiase (2002, as cited in Emmet, 2003) also points out in this paper how portfolios help students achieve their educational goals through self-planning.

Jim Price

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