Monday, August 10, 2009

Interactive Whiteboards...

I personal have never seen an interactive whiteboard, let alone used one. However after researching and watching YouTube clips on this form of teaching technology I am very interested in using one.

To my understanding there seems to be some debate about the effectiveness of interactive whiteboards in classrooms. Some argue that they engage and motivate students towards desired learning outcomes more effectively. Others argue that the cost of interactive whiteboards do not justify what can be achieved by them.
Only having limited knowledge about this technology teaching tool I am hesitant to pass judgement for now. However judged on research alone, I will say, like all other forms of educational technology interactive whiteboard are only truly effective if operators (teachers) are trained, creative and comfortable with the tool (Edna, 2009).

Student need to be engaged in what they are learning to achieve positive learning outcomes (Education Queensland, 2009). Interactive whiteboards when used efficiently can be an engaging tool for students (Education Queensland, 2009).

Thank you.

Jim Price

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