Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Learning Management System (LMS)

Hi all,
The term Learning Management System (LMS) was new to me before I started my BLM degree. Over the past seven months, I have become more familiar with the term and the systems used to support and guide my learning (e.g., Blackboard & Moodle).

LMS are use for areas such as education for managing assignments and classes, networking (e.g., student to lecturer), distributing information and record keeping. LMS are beneficial for on-line distance education classes (E-Learning Consulting, 2008)
After I felt comfortable navigating my way around Blackboard and Moodle, I found this system very beneficial to my learning.

LMS has supported my studies by:
· Structuring course information and resources.
· Being able to access the systems from anywhere/anytime.
· The ability to communicate with lecturers and peers instantly.

The advantage I have discovered from LMS as a learning tool is consistent with finding from Salomon and Perkins (1998, as cited in McInerney & McInerney, 2006) stating that a tool is used to extend and refine the learner’s capability to achieve a desired result and to act as a cognitive scaffold.

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